Tours & Events

  • Valentine 18th February 2022
  • Maseru Adventure 25th February 2022
  • Sehlabathebe 11-12 March 2022
  • Mokhotlong 15-16 April 2022
  • Maseru Abseiling 25 June 2022
  • Afri Ski July 2022
  • Thabana Ntlenyane November 2022

Valentine 18th February 2022

Includes Deco, Activities & Meals

  • M700 per couple

Maseru Adventure 25th February 2022

Includes Water & other activities and Picnic

  • M450 per person

Sehlabathebe 11-12 March 2022

Includes Transport, Guesthouse Accommodation, Activities, Meals

  • M2,500 per person Sharing

Mokhotlong 15-16 April 2022

Includes Transport, Guesthouse Accommodation, Activities, Meals

  • M2,500 per person sharing

Maseru Abseiling 25 June 2022

Includes Abseiling, hiking, soft games and picnic

  • M650 per person

Afri Ski July 2022

Includes Transport

  • M550 per person

Thabana Ntlenyane November 2022

Includes Transport, Hiking, Meals & Guesthouse Accommodation

  • M1,900 per person sharing

Scenery launched Scenery Tours & Events in September 2019. The expansion was done to allow tourists to discover Lesotho’s tourism potential.

Objectives of Events and Tours are:

  • To allow tourists (international and domestic) to discover Lesotho’s tourism richness
  • Ease organizations’ pressure to focus on main business while we take care of their visitors who have come for consultancy, workshops etc. to tour and enjoy Lesotho’s beauty
  • We help individuals to connect with nature so that they can reconnect with themselves better and have energy for idea generation and pick performance at work and other areas of life.
  • Facilitate organizational efficiency by combining tours with educational activities and talks

Our tours are based on the following founding ideas:

  • Connection with nature brings peace of mind
  • Travel and tours broaden horizons and enhance creativity
  • SUCCESS is almost guaranteed when one works hard and plays harder

Target groups include:

  • Entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become one
  • Leaders and Managers and those aspiring to be in those roles
  • Life Transformers

Events, Travel and Tours Hosted/Partnered include (click on titles below for more information):

  • Adventure
    • Abseiling in Maseru
    • Hiking The Highest Point in Southern Africa, Thabana Nthenyana
    • Tallest Bungy Bridge Jumping in the world, South Africa
    • Snow Playing and skiing
  • Events
    • Jerusalema Dance on Metolong Suspension Bridge
    • Valentine
  • Tours
    • Sehlabathebe
    • Thaba-Bosiu Mokhotlong
  • Attractions
    • Lesotho Big 4